Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smart Mirror…

Notice the truck behind the Smart car - I think it's about to swallow's mouth is wide open...

I took this picture while driving down the interstate at about 75 miles per hour.  I am so talented and such a risk taker. Do not tell my Mom that 1) I was speeding and 2) I took a picture while driving - I would be grounded for sure.
When this Smart Car drove up beside me and I saw it in the mirror, I just couldn't resist snapping a shot of it. These are my initial thoughts:

Why did it only fill one quarter of the mirror? It was on my bumper?
If it was closer than it appeared, just how close would it need to be to fill the whole mirror?
Could I fit four Smart Car’s in one mirror?
Why do people drive Smart Cars? Do they make you think you’re smarter? Do they really feel it’s smart to do?
If a Smart Car drove off a cliff, would it float in the air?
Does a Smart car cost one quarter as much as my normal size very cool Dodge Charger?
Could I fit into a Smart car?
How many Smart Car’s could I fit into my garage? Eleven is my estimate.
If you stack a Smart car on top of another Smart car, are they twice as smart? Do they get twice the gas milage? Or half the gas milage?
If a Smart car is towing a Smart car, which one is smarter?
If I pass a Smart car, should I be proud or embarrassed?
If I pass a Smart car, will it swerve off the road and crash because of the turbulence?
Should I buy a Smart car?
Are Smart cars cute or dangerous?
If I see a Smart car, should I push it over the curb, into the median, for it’s own safety?
Another view of how teeny these are...half a parking spot, in either direction...

I just can’t help but question what I see in life and the questions just keep coming all the time. If you look at my post about Broken Turtles you will see the same inquisitive mind that I live with each day. I think God gave us a great mind to think through the issues and needs in life and questions are one great way to do that. I don’t really want to stop questioning, because if I do, that means that I’ve stopped thinking, debating and deciding. Life is too important to just sit back and roll with it - we need to take time to consider everything that we do.
Lessons Learned: God gave us the cognitive abilities we have and we should use them.
Thoughts: Do you have an inquiring mind? Do you like Smart cars?


  1. 16k for a rollerskate that has pop-out-reversible-panels so you can easily change the look of you car before being totally pulverized in a minor accident.  What a steal of a deal!  ha!  :-)


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