Saturday, February 4, 2012

Maybe, might, possibly, hopefully...

As I read the newspaper a little while back (boy, does that sound old fashioned as I type this on my iPad 2), I noticed that there was a snapshot graph of the percentage of people that have confidence they will be able to meet their basic living expenses this year. The result showed a mere 23%! That's pretty low and it made me consider the state of the economy and the challenge that a lot of people have right now. Many industries are tight, struggling and cutting capital expenses for the new year. The unemployment rate is high and many are looking for jobs right now while their expenses grow and their families have needs. 
When I talk to my customers across the country, and people I meet, I hear folks say things like "Maybe the economy will pick up next year." or "Things might improve in 2012." or "We could possibly increase our budgets mid-year." or finally, "Hopefully things will get better." All of these comments are true and these statements express people being hesitantly positive about the future. These words caused me to think about where we are right now and the importance of the words that people use. 
We need to speak positive and say things that are hopeful and encouraging about our current plight and about the future, whether it’s about business or our personal life. It's easy to be negative, especially when you are in the midst of a tough time, but saying negative words or expressing negativism to others won't help anyone. We also have to strive to improve and push on, even through the pain of tough times and financial pressures. 
You will make it through and things will get better, even if there doesn't seem to be any hope. The Lord is our greatest hope and trusting in Him is truly the best way. Watch Him answer your needs...
Lessons Learned: Watch the words we use and try our best to be positive and encouraging to others. You never know how you will influence. God could use you, or someone else instead...
Thoughts: How many positive words did you say today?    

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  1. Craig, you bring up the very point I try to stay focused on...being positive, especially throughout difficult times.  Often times, it's not what the outcome of a bad situation was (financial, or otherwise) but how we carried ourselves during it.

    Staying positive and focused is key.   Otherwise we're stumbling from situation to situation, and hoping for the best.

    We're followers of Dave Ramsey, and having been paying down our debt for over 4 years now...staying positive has been very challenging at times!  But what other choice to we have?

  2. Love the end of your comments "But what other choice do we have?" You got it - why not be positive...thanks for the comment and reading - keep coming back...


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