Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unicycles, Segway’s and chickens…

I saw this unicycle on the top of this vehicle while driving down the road a few weeks back and it made me think about dreams and doing things that others never get to do. 
How many of you have ridden a unicycle?
Have you ever ridden a Segway? Or is that driven a Segway?
Have you ever been a rodeo clown?
Have you ever played a mascot for a professional sports team?
Have you ever starred in a movie?
Have you written a book?
Have you ever been a keynote speaker at a conference?
Have you ever been number one in the world in something? Or the Country? Or even your city?
Have you earned your first million dollars?
Have you ever been able to take that mission’s trip you always wanted to?
Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?
Have you ever learned how to juggle?
There are so many “Have you ever’s” in life.  We all have some dreams or buckets lists that we want to do or complete. Some of them are realistic and we get to accomplish them and some of them will never occur. 
Do we stop dreaming because we may not ever have those huge dreams happen? 
No Way!
I love to dream big, even though I may not ever see the dream occur. I use it as motivation to get my more down-to-earth dreams accomplished, because I figure, if I can get the little and medium dreams done, I may just get to the big ones too!
When I was a teen, I really thought it would be cool to be the “San Diego Chicken” (he became a free agent latter and renamed “The Famous Chicken”).  He got to jump around and have fun, pumping up the crowd and spreading good chicken cheer. What an awesome job!
I never got to do that job, but when I went to Bible college, I was excited and animated in a registration line, as a freshman. Because of that craziness in line, I got picked to be Frosty the Snowman for a 2 week tour at Christmas. I jumped around, pumped up the crowd and danced around like a little kid. I got part of my dream.
I got to drive/ride a Segway at a conference once - it was way cool - I want one, if you have an extra! Seriously, send me one...
I have never gotten to ride a unicycle and it may never happen, but every time I see one on TV, or on top of a vehicle, I think, “wouldn't it be cool to ride one of those!”  
I think we all give up on things too easy. We need to keep our simple and great dreams alive and keep ourselves motivated. We can’t give up on the things that we are excited about. Maybe you've already completed all of the things on my list above - if so, add a new dream. Add something to get you fired up. Set a plan in motion to do something you have never done before. 
Lessons Learned: Dream big, no matter what your dream is. You have to dream to get an idea of what goal you should target. The Lord has a dream for you...figure it out and follow it...
Thoughts: What’s your big dream? Do you, at least, have a small dream? Have you followed the dream the Lord has for you?


  1. Great post. As somebody who actually made a living as a clown for 5 years, I owned and rode a unicycle. In fact, while driving home from my WOLBI graduation, I got into a highway accident with my car absolutely packed with stuff... including my unicycle.

    A crowd gathered while the paramedics treated my girlfriend (now wife) and I. My sister was in another car in our "entourage" and overheard some elderly ladies who, upon seeing my unicycle in the debris, whisper in horrified tones... "And one of them is in a wheelchair."

    To this day that cracks me up.

  2. You comment is funnier than my post, by a long shot!  Thanks for sharing and reading - keep coming back! Good to hear form you - been a long time!

  3. There is hope for your unicycle dream yet.  My friend from junior college days, Adam, would be able to teach you the fine art of unicycling.  Are you up for lessons in Utah?  :-)  Don't let the dream die!

  4. Never too late to teach an old dog, new tricks - it would be really cool to learn!


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