Thursday, February 9, 2012

Idea time…

Direction doesn’t just happen - look at the picture. 
Does that help anyone know where to go? Does it make my overall plan obvious? Does it help me, or you, in any way at all?  Does it clear things up for you? 
My vehicle is the little blue arrow, at the bottom, and the cloverleaf is the direction I was given. I did not fake this picture - this was really what I was given - yikes! Where do I go? Where do I get on? I spent 3 hours going around and around - it was fun...
Without thinking through the plan ahead, you will not make it - you will just go around in circles and not truly make an impact on your life, future or others.
How do you come up with ideas for the future? Do you take time to plan for the future? 
I’m not talking about retirement, or the big things in life, like that. I’m talking about your dreams. Your hopes. Your big idea for yourself. Just like the child that has a dream of being a fireman, a nurse, a Taco Bell drive through window worker, a nuclear physicist, the first person on Mars, the person who cures cancer, the one who develops Google (that was my dream, but someone stole it), a preacher, a missionary, etc.  Some of those dreams are silly and some are real. We all have dreams for ourselves and we all have grandiose dreams about who we will be.
You can’t get there without plans and without diligence and focus. To do this, you must take time to think, write things down, develop plans and check your motives. You don’t know the end before the beginning - you don’t even know the beginning sometimes, so make a plan and work that plan watching God lead.
Sometimes signs don’t make sense, like the picture below - where is the left turn area? It’s not even long enough for a vehicle to fit in-between those two signs. Where do you go? Can I turn left? Does anyone in the City Hall know these signs are like this? Is there a hidden camera here, looking for accidents? Do I get a ticket if I'm not in-between the signs?

I am finding that as I focus on what my goal is more and more, that God gives me the right thoughts to help others and He directs me. My point? Don’t try it on your own - you won’t make it. If you follow all the “signs” you see in life, you will have no real direction. Ask God to help you know where to go each day and what He wants you to do and you will not have to worry about signs that make no sense at all. You will be able to rest in the fact that He is leading you, helping you, guiding you and carrying you through your life’s direction.
Lessons Learned: Only God’s leading makes sense. Be careful not to waste time running in circles after your dreams and goals. Make sure God is leading you in life, family, work and ministry.
Thoughts: Have you found yourself spinning round and round without direction sometimes?

The final sign, almost became my favorite...almost...BTW - all three of these pictures were on the same trip...

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