Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Perfect timing…

This picture was supposed to be of the flowers, not my mirror and interior...perfect timing...

Some people have perfect timing in what they do. 
They buy the right stock just before it skyrockets. They start a job just as that company’s products become popular. They open the door for someone and it happens to be the person they will be interviewing with in a few minutes. They get the idea for the “Spork” (really, I had this idea, but then I went to KFC and realized someone beat me to it - Stinketh). They are the ones that hit every target on the Wii shooting game, while you are still trying to get your magic wand to point at the TV. 
They have perfect timing. Not me…
When I was 16, and just got my license, my parents told me I could drive the car to school one day - sweet, right? Not so much...I chose the day that it snowed three feet during the day.
Once, I thought it would be cool to jump over a tennis court ankle, the shape and size of a football, didn’t agree.
I was in NJ a few weeks ago and landed at Newark Airport - while I was there, it was named the worst airport in the world.
There was the time I had a flight that left at 10:30 AM on a Friday from NYC and had I taken the earlier flight, I would have gotten home by midday on Friday, instead of by midday on Saturday.
I was in Washington DC a few years ago, and stopped along the National Mall to look at the sights. Didn’t realize that a flock of birds would dive-bomb the large puddle behind me and scatter water all over me as they landed and flew away.
I got to a hotel in NJ once and as soon as I plugged my computer to get internet access, the connection went down. This story continues. I was told that the hotel engineer was coming up, to my room, to fix the issue I was having. (Engineer - how cool is that - does he get to wear one of those nifty little train hats like the person you see at the mall, with those small trains.) I had this other picture of some smart guy with specs coming up to correct my connection issue, so I felt confident that this would be rectified quickly. Instead, I found out that “Engineer” was a fancy word for “maintenance guy.” 
He knocked on the door and when I opened the door, I was immediately afraid (if you ever saw “Home Alone - Lost in New York” you might remember when “Kevin” got into a cab and this very scary guy turned back to look at him.  “Kevin” screamed and so did I (well - gasped at least). He had two different color eyes and they were not the same size either - one poked out to a point where I thought I might need to push it back into the socket for him. He walked like Igor (or is is Egor - not real good with my Russian name spellings) and he had one arm that he kind of had to throw around like it wasn’t attached to his body. You know what? I misjudged him though - he fixed the issue and was very polite before he tried to strangle me. If I had arrived a little later, I would still be alive today...
Timing isn’t everything. Timing involves God’s plan and He knows the best plan for us and what we need to humble us, grow us and change us.

The only perfect timing thing about this blog is that it's my 100th post - very cool to me, but maybe no big deal to you.

Lessons Learned: You may have great timing on things in life, but if you are more like me, you realize you just have to let things roll and do your best with what comes your way. Bad timing often ends up being good timing, especially when we let God have His way.
Thoughts: Have you had some bad timing experiences?


  1. I've found that my definition of "bad timing" is often God's definition of "good timing". When I find this happening, it's time to re-evaluate my plan against God's plan to make them the same.

    Congrats on your 100th post!

  2. Great thought!! Thanks again for reading...


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