Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do I just forget to think?

The bumper sticker says "I used to be cool."

Do you ever do something, and then afterwards, sit back and call yourself names? You do something that just doesn’t make sense and you realize how much of an idiot you really are. You forget to think it through and plan ahead and then you look foolish to yourself and those around you.
Once, in my early twenties, I tried to jump a tennis court net. I didn’t just do the running jump thing and hurdle it. I wanted to look cool and jump it sideways while chasing after a tennis ball. I got over it fine, but my momentum was moving forward and I was sideways. This meant that my ankle was sideways and perpendicular to the net, but my body was going towards the end of the court. My ankle didn’t like that. My foot was just hanging there by the skin as all the tendons and muscle were stretched to smithereens (cool word). I was on crutches for a while. I should have thought - ouch!
About three years ago, I took my family to Chattanooga for a few days, while I was there on business. They hung out at the hotel, while I was in meetings. They enjoyed the time away and the pool and the putt-putt course (yes, they had a putt-put course at the hotel - small - 3 holes on one green - more of a putting practice course, but it was still putt-putt to them). Wow, did I digress onto that rabbit putt-put trail…
I needed to get the van washed - yes I am cool and have a minivan - what a great mix - minivan and cool. You’re looking up to my awesome coolness now, aren’t you? I went to one of the local automatic car washes and I was the only one there. It was a really cool very long car wash. I paid the price and then went to the entrance. They have huge signs about antennas, foot off the brake and put the vehicle in neutral in a few places and the worker points them out to you, too. I started into the car wash and, all of a sudden, my van took off like a rocket. I thought that this was a speed car wash, kinda like Star Trek, when they go into warp speed. Then all the water and equipment stopped and I hit the brakes. I took care of the antenna and left my foot off of the brake just fine. I forgot to put the van in neutral. I came back through and apologized, but looked ridiculous.
I’ve asked ladies about their pregnancies, but they weren’t pregnant.
I’ve said “Sir” to a “Ma’am” several times.

I've tried to push on the pull side of the door.  You look really bright when you do that...
I’ve walked out of a restaurant only to realize I forgot to pay the bill. I went back in.
I’ve tried to mow a hillside that was too steep - you can imagine the results.
I’ve filled a trailer full before checking the tires - they were flat.
I’ve moved forward on my own plans, before I talked to the Lord about those plans.
I’ve posted or emailed things that were moronic.

I use my turn signal to go around curves and in parking lots all the time.
This is definitely a fail post today.
I just don’t think sometimes. I act or speak, but forget to think ahead. I react rather than respond with a plan. I didn’t slow down enough to have a thought process about what I was doing and completely missed the mark on my plans or words.
I really hate when those things happen, but then I remember that I’m human and I fail. I apologize and seek forgiveness where I can, and then I move on. 
I’m humbled and embarrassed, but I still keep going. I learn from the foolish error and put a plan in place for the next time. 
I don’t say “Sir” or “Ma’am,” I just say “It.” 
I put my van in neutral. 
I check the tires. 
I don’t jump the net - I walk around. 
I fix the problem and get better next for the next time. 
I certainly don’t give up just because of a fail...
Lessons Learned: Failure will come every day. It’s what we do with failure that makes us successful. “Never Fail - What I mean by that, is fail a lot!”
Thoughts: Have you ever failed and then gave up? Have you ever embarrassed yourself like I have?


  1. I can relate about the blinker thing. I think I inherited it from my mom!

  2. My children make fun of me all the time with that one - it makes me feel old...thanks for reading...

  3. Ah, but without failure how would we know what success is?  No, really, what is success?  I've never tasted it - I hear that it is sweet.
    This is a great post!  Anybody who tells you they have never failed at anything, had never lived.
    Stop by my blog tomorrow (Wednesday) there is something in my post you might be interested in.  God bless you.

  4. Susan - thanks for faithfully reading my blog. Failure is what's sweet, sometimes...


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