Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dad’s love…

I was watching the Winter X games snowboarding competition near the end of January and saw some crazy tricks and some very quick speeds. It’s quite amazing what can be done with a little board and some snow.
While watching these events, one of the girls took a pretty nasty (or should I say, gnarly - man, do I feel cool now) spill and landed hard. At a minimum, she had the wind knocked out of her, in a huge way. She laid on the hill motionless for a few moments and then you saw someone running up through the snow to her. The hill was steep and slippery, but they kept running. A few others joined and some medical staff, but the first runner got there before all of them.
It was her Dad and he could not get there fast enough. She was not seriously injured, but was crying. Her Dad just hugged her and helped her up. They walked down the hill arm-in-arm as she laid her head on his shoulder. I’m sure she was disappointed in her run and maybe hurt a bit, but her Dad was right there to help her through it.
She had a dream and her Father was right behind her in it. I don’t know if he liked her dream or not, but he was there, observing and then comforting when it didn’t turn out well. He supported, comforted and encouraged her.
This is an obvious reminder of how our Heavenly Father believes in us, supports us, provides for us, encourages us and then comforts us in our dreams. Sometimes our days, weeks or goals don’t turn out well, but He is always there beside us allowing us to lay our heads on His shoulder and let our emotions run.
So thankful that the Lord never gives up on us!
Lessons Learned: Don’t forget that God cares about everything we do and are.
Thoughts: When have you failed and seen God comfort you? Do you run along side anyone to encourage them? Have you thanked the Lord for His faithfulness to you?


  1. He is there to comfort me every day!  I pray that He would use me to help others, and yes I thank Him many times every day.
    This post reminded me of my Dad, and how I miss him - he, too, was always there for me.  The reunion at Home is going to be so wonderful!  Thank you for the great post.

  2. Glad it encouraged. Thanks for the good comment and for reading. Spread the word...


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