Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Strange Doorman…

Sometimes you see sights that surprise you, and sometimes you just have to sit there and observe the oddity. The things that you would stop for are usually the sights that you wouldn't normally see everyday.
Once,when I was in NYC, I walked by the Oakley store in Times Square and this guy was dancing with some crazy moves at the entrance and another person was videoing it with a large HD camera, like the pros use. The guy was hilarious as he danced and a crowd gathered. I watched for a couple of minutes, and then the dancing guy grabbed a back pack and left. I asked an employee if this was something they normally do, or if it was a promotion, and he said the dancing guy had just come in off the street and they never saw him before...really? Whoa…
You stop to look at damage from a storm.
You often take a rubber-necking second look at a car accident.
When a person’s nose is too large for their face, you can’t help but stare.
If you've ever seen a robbery, at a grocery or department store, and the security guards are running after them, you take a look at the chase.
When you see a fighter jet flying overhead close by, you listen and look in awe, or even any plane, like in todays picture (from a trip to NJ).
I was traveling in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago and after spending most of the day at a customer’s site, I needed to get something to eat (notice I said “needed” - food is such a blessing). I got to a Panera Bread and parked in the lot across from the main entrance. This location had an outdoor eating area, in the front, and the day was nice enough to eat outside. Only one person was outside eating, and he sat right by the door.
I finished an email on my iPhone as I watched him open the door for a lady entering the restaurant. Then a moment later, he did it again, then again and some more. Over and over again, he just kept opening the door for people - mostly ladies. I watched for about 15 minutes and he would eat a bite or two, talk or text on his phone and then just keep opening the door for folks. He became the doorman...
He didn’t look at most of the people and didn’t ask for money or any kind of acknowledgment. He just kindly opened the door many times.  I went in, ate my lunch, came back out and he was still doing it. He did this for over an hour, that I saw, anyway.
I had to leave, but took a few more minutes just to watch, from my car, as this man was being kind for no reason, to people he didn’t even know.
I was convicted, not just to hold open doors for people, but to be kind to everyone, not just those I deal with regularly. He was kind hearted to people that he had never met...that's awesome!
BTW - most everyone that he held the door for, thanked him with a smile.
Lessons Learned: Kindness impacts people - even strangers.
Thoughts: Have you ever performed a random act of kindness? Has someone else done something like that for you? Do you give of yourself to others that you don't even know?


  1. First it's good to know that someone else would think that the picture above would be interesting.  That's the type of thing that would cause me to stop and ponder.

    The first time I ever went to New York City, I was opening doors for people and smiling at them(it must the spiritual gift of ushering before I knew how I suppose to use it).  I think it made most of the people I did this for feel uncomfortable.  After a few days, I wasn't doing it to be nice, but to watch the reaction.  So with that said, what looks like someone being nice could just be someone entertaining themselves.  :)

  2. I did see him smiling some...who knows? thanks for the comment.

  3. Every time I see a member of the U.S. Armed Services or a Vet with a cap that says so, I stop what I am doing and make a point of extending my hand to shake theirs and tell them "Thank you!"  In over 30 years of doing this I have only had one soldier who was ungrateful.  I got a kiss on the cheek from a Bataan Survivor; a hug from a Pearl Harbor Survivor; a bow of gratitude from a Navajo Code Talker; countless hugs, blessings and tears from Vietnam Vets; and our current soldiers all give me smiles.  God smiles, too when we love His children.

  4. That's a great comment and a great action. Thanks.


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