Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meow or Woof!

He's aiming at a cat in the field...

“It’s raining cats and dogs.” 
“You’re in the doghouse.”
“Nervous as a cat.”
“There’s a cat in my soup!” - Wait that’s fly, right!?
There are lots of sayings comparing humans to cats and dogs. It reminds me of a story…
Had a friend whose dad gave gasoline to a cat one time (don’t hate him yet - read on). He watched as the cat drank it and saw the cat proceed to go crazy. It ran around the house both inside and out and jumped on furniture and did silly flips and rolls. It kept going like this for several minutes, as he watched. Then the cat stopped and fell over…
I know your question is “What happened?”
Wait for it…

The cat ran out of gas…
Sorry, I couldn't resist - this is one that gets young people (and old) all the time.
All of this cat and dog stuff started me down a path of how we treat people. Are we cat people or dog people?
Cat Person
Cats pretty much stay to themselves and feel like they rule the roost. If you help a cat with something they think they are the King or Queen of the home and you are their servants. They only rub up against your leg if they want something. They chose when they purr as you pet them, and I secretly think they just purr for more attention. Cats do not run on your schedule, you run on theirs. Cats are focused on themselves and how they are treated and they are not ones that try to encourage others - they hiss. They are picky and finicky and run and hide from you when you come home.
Dog Person
Dogs can’t wait until you get home and gleefully bark and meet you at the door. They run around you with intense desire to serve and get your slippers, newspaper (iPad now) and bark at mean neighbors for you. Dogs like to make you smile and perform tricks and shake paws. They seem to remind you that you are their boss and they will sit and wait on you all day. Dogs realize their role and like to sit in it and keep happy. They protect you and suffer for you as you go throughout the house and property. Dogs will eat anything they see and love to play catch while licking your hands in thankfulness.
You see exactly where I’m going with this one. 
Do you treat people like they are your underlings and should do your biding with a complete focus on yourself? 
Or do you treat others like they are the most important person in the room?
Let me just say that this one was very convicting for me and my toes hurt a lot now. I fail all the time with thinking my ways, thoughts and ideas are the most important and other’s don’t matter like mine do. This is awful and it’s something that I’m really trying to fix, so I prefer others before myself.
Lessons Learned: Glad we can fail and try again. Hopeful that we can impact others like a dog (that sounded weird, but you get the drift).
Thoughts: Are you a dog or cat person? Look at that question however you like, but impact people!


  1. So Funny, and So true. My daughters are perfect examples, one is a cat person, the other a dog person, and personality wise, it follows the same pattern. Thanks for making me smile... and for reminding me that my attitude should reflect Jesus. Be Blessed and be a blessing. 

  2. Thanks for he comment and the way you ended it...keep reading...


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