Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Messy piles...

I like to have things orderly, neat if possible (a thing for every place and a place for everything). I don’t like when my children leave clothing, toys or other items sitting around. I get bothered by junk just hanging out in spots that it shouldn't. If you have to have a stack of papers, then make the stack neat. If you have to have a pile of clothing sitting, then fold them and make it look nice. Way picky, but I want to train my children to be the best that they can be.
If you look in my dresser, you will see that my stuff is neatly stacked and folder and not jammed in. Even my socks have two sections: dress/work socks and athletic socks. I like things to have order. I like things to be taken care of and not just wadded up or set aside. The items we have in life cost money and I believe we should be good stewards of what we have. If we take care of what we have today, it will last for tomorrow too. I know that it sounds old fashioned, and maybe a little simple, but I live by it to the best of my ability.
What is created by this can be a monster though. My children know that I don’t like for anything to just sit for days on end, so they see me get frustrated with them and they feel pressure to have everything in order when I get home. It also puts pressure on my wife because she feels like the house has to be perfect when I arrive home from a trip. It also puts undue pressure on me. I can’t walk by anything without picking it up or making sure that all of my stuff is put away neatly and correctly.
Lessons Learned: There are times in life that a pile or two won’t hurt anything - relax a bit, but still take care of your stuff.
Thoughts: What pile do you need to clean up today? What pile can you just leave sit?

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