Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time change and time zones...

I know that time zones have to be there and I understand the reason for daylight savings time, but both can be a pain. Today is just a pet peeve day - you can look at it as a failure if you want.  

Daylight savings time messes me up more than just the two times it changes each year. I remember the changes this way: Spring forward and Fall back, so that's not the problem for me. Really, even the Spring forward, when we lose an hour of sleep, is not a big deal. The Fall part is what bugs me (I kinda like the extra hour sleep, that night, though). The days, this time of year, get shorter anyway, and then you add to this fact that the time change causes the sunrise to be an hour earlier and sunset follows that same path. This makes for a sunset at 4:45 in the afternoon - it's not even evening yet! You feel like you should get in the bed around 6:00 PM! That's the part that bugs me. 
Time zones are the next thing. We can't all live on the same clock because day would be night and night would be day depending on where you lived and that would be impossible to live with, but I still don't like them. I travel some and most of my customers are in the Eastern time zone, while I'm in the Central. Some of my customers are in the Mountain and Pacific, which makes things even more confusing. When I travel, I use my calendar on my iPhone and iPad and MacBook Pro (I actually use Calengoo - really good App when you have multiple calendars to combine). 
The problem is that I set the appointment in EST, while living in CST, and then when I travel, my phone automatically adjusts to the place I travel to and the time change adjusts the calendar to the different zone. I know there are ways to fix this, but after years of travel I still confuse myself and get frustrated.  So I have decided that I will just go to my appointments whenever I feel like it and my customers will have to be satisfied with the time I arrive. I am going to start living on island time - if you've ever been to an island, you fully understand the concept - set an appointment time but just show up when you feel like it!
Lessons Learned: Stop bring stressed out about time. 
Thoughts: Have you ever missed an appointment because of time zones?

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