Friday, November 11, 2011

Connect with Ministry in Mind...

I have recently been able to connect with a number of old (used intentionally - not me, just them) college friends. This has been awesome and we have reminisced about our time in school together and have shared some very humorous stories on our FaceBook reunion page - now these are only funny to those that were involved in the situations, but to us, they bring back great memories and many laughs. 

I have said before that I think smiling and laughter is very important. It’s not just about drawing attention to yourself, it’s about taking the seriousness out of a day and enjoying the current and past experiences of life. This, in my mind, is a simple way to minister to to others. I have said many times to Sunday school classes, that one easy way for everyone to minister is to smile and shake someone's hand at church. It connects with ministry.
This reminded me that when I connect or reconnect with people from the past or present, that I need always keep focused on other’s needs and not mine.  I can tend to focus on how I’m feeling or a current stress in my life or a need that has come up with me and forget that we all hurt. Some of my old friends have some very serious issues they are dealing with in many areas - finances, health, personal issues, etc.  Life is sometimes hard for all of us, but we can (I can) be a help to others if I will put it on my mind when I connect by FaceBook, Twitter, text messages, IM, phone calls, and especially, in person.
Lessons Learned: It’s great to connect, but more important to minister. Other’s needs are just as great as mine - I need to help them.
Thoughts: How have you met someone else’s needs today? Today is also tomorrow, and the next day and next week, next month, next get it.

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