Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Compliance and the donut shop...

I was talking to my sales team last week about what motivates people. The lowest common denominator that motivates each of us is simply compliance. DO IT OR ELSE! Our parents used it. Lots of bosses use it. Many people use it with their friends. We use it. Compliance motivates us to just obey. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s important to obey and be in line with what you should be doing, but sometimes we get demotivated by obeying for obedience sake. We have to take it to the next level.

We have to change our attitudes to do right because it’s right, not just to comply with the authority figure in our lives. We shouldn't serve the Lord, just because we think that others want us to. We should do it because we want to and we know it’s right and that it will please the Lord. We often hear a good preacher say what he does and then we emulate it because he said we should.  It truly may be a good thing to do, but it should be done for more than “just because.” it should be a want to inside of us.
I want my children to comply to my authority in their lives and my boss wants me to comply to his authority on the job, but as a leader we should help those that follow us understand why it’s a good idea to obey the commands we give. If we take a few minutes to give a simple explanation of the importance of the compliance item, we will go a lot further than just saying “DO IT, BECAUSE I SAID SO!”
Lessons Learned: Lead with leadership and not just the “I said so” attitude.
Thoughts: Do you like donuts? (has nothing to do with my thoughts today - I just like donuts)

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