Friday, November 4, 2011

Rest is a four letter word...

I have often said to family and some friends that I wish I didn't ever have to sleep.  It's not that I hate sleeping, it's that there's so much to do and learn in life, that I could use every minute of every day to get more in.  I know that we need to rest and I try to balance that out with my family, church and work lives, but if I could truly survive on just 2 hours of sleep a day, I would be thrilled.  I may be a wreck, but I would sure get a lot done and learn a lot.

I think God made us to need rest so that we could be more efficient with the wake time we have and to help us realize the need to be organized with the time we have in each day.  I know that I have learned to prioritize my day based on the fact that I only have a certain number of hours to utilize.  As you know, God even rested when He created our world and the entire universe around it.  I don't really think he was tired, but rest allowed Him to reflect on his accomplishments of the day.  As we get to rest, we should reflect on our day and see how we can use the next day even better.
Lessons Learned: Rest is needed to be better in the next step in our lives, which may be simply be the next day.
Thoughts: Have you thought about how to grow yourself as you laid down to rest? Have you applied what you thought about? 

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