Monday, November 21, 2011

Admit your mistakes...

Most people, not only hate failure, but they hate admitting their failures even more. I can't say that I'm at a point where I truly enthusiastically embrace failure or desire to fail everyday, but I have learned to deal with it as it happens and to learn from it. There are tons of valuable lessons to be learned from every mistake we make, whether it was on purpose or by accident. 

I went to Walmart last week, where I had too pick up a couple of items and I had three experiences where someone failed and didn't want to admit it.
  1. I came up to a line to pay for my items and a lady quickly cut in front of me as she saw me approach the line. She had nothing in her hands and no buggy. I had only two items. She was trying to save a spot for her husband, who had a cartful of stuff and was 20 feet behind her. She made no apology and I let her stay in front of me, without saying anything. Her husband saw my two items and what she had done and quickly told me to go ahead because I had so few things to pay for. He got a glare and I'm sure he has a nice sofa to sleep on tonight. She failed, but didn't admit it or let it go. I thanked them as i left the checkout, for allowing me to go ahead of them. He smiled and she glared.
  2. I pulled out of my parking spot and began to head down the lane. As I slowly moved along, a man speedily backed out right in front of me and I beeped so I wouldn't get hit and, hopefully would cause him to stop. He didn't stop, but I got out of the way alright. He waved at me, as if to say thanks for letting me out. He, very likely, knew he was in the wrong, but tried to pass it off instead of admitting his wrong.   
  3. I pulled out onto the road and was driving along and a young guy turned left directly in front of me. He saw me, but turned his head pretending that he was looking at something else and didn't face me. I see this all the time while driving - people cut you off and then look away with the hope you don't get mad at them or act like they did nothing wrong. They react to their guilt by ignoring the problem, instead of facing you and waving in apology. 
Lessons Learned: When we make a mistake or fail, just admit it and move on, being sure to make it right to the best of our ability. 
Thoughts: Did you cut someone off today? 

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