Monday, November 28, 2011

What are you doing? (say it with a sarcastic tone)

I've said before that I like organization and I like the details of life. It drives me crazy to see someone planning something and not think through their plan or look ahead to see what the next step should be. One little missed detail can mess up the entire event being planned, just like one missed ingredient can ruin a meal or cake. We have to pay attention to what we are doing both now and to what's coming up down the road, so we can be effective in what we do.
I have plans for most all that I do. I put my business trips together with details for each hour I'm gone, so I use all the time I can, as wisely as possible. I put a personal budget together with year-out projections and set money aside in several different accounts (emergency, birthday, medical, kid's clothing, etc.) so I'm ahead of the plan for what's coming up during the year. I organize my cold calling and what I have to do for work each day. I plan what I will say in an upcoming meeting. I pack my suitcases two days ahead of a trip. I write out the details for any church function that I'm responsible to handle. I set out a plan for when we do what event on vacation. Call me OCD if you like.
Here's my fail with this. I'm not really flexible with what's going on, so if I get stuck in a traffic jam or if I get a call to say the meeting will start late, I get frustrated and bothered. I also forget that God has a better plan for the time I have each day and that He may be protecting me from something that I can't see ahead to.  I sometimes forget that the financial emergencies of life that eat up all of my budgets and leave me in a bind are to draw me closer to Him, so I can trust Him for His provision and see Him take care of the expense that I didn't see or couldn't plan for.
I still think it's important to be organized and on top of details, but I have to realize that God's plans are much higher than mine. 
Lessons Learned: Be as organized as possible, but trust the Lord for the details. He’s the great organizer, not you anyway...
Thoughts: What details have you been frustrated by lately? 

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