Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Choose your thankfulness...

We all have choices in life. We can choose to be happy. We can choose to be upset. We can choose to be kind to others. We can choose to cut someone off when we drive. We can choose to say things that will impact others and encourage them. We can choose to say things that aren’t true and hurt others. The choices we make impact us and those around us daily.
We can also choose to be thankful. I think that thankfulness is an attitude and a choice, not just something we do once a year in November. I think, that people, that are truly grateful are grateful all year round. I think that being thankful is hard and takes constant effort to ensure you express your gratitude to others. I think that thankfulness is a choice and we either choose to be thankful or we don’t. It’s not natural, but it’s incredibly valuable to you and to the ones you thank.
In saying all that, I think that we should be thankful for everything we have, not just the positives in life. We’re all grateful for the good things that occur each day and week. We are grateful as we look back on a year of good things that have occurred and we take time to express that to others and to the Lord, but we forget the “bad” things. I think the “bad” things come to us for a reason and God wants us to be grateful for them and the lessons we learn from them too. We need to look at the positives within the negatives and find what we should be thankful for with them too.
Finally, just be thankful! Make it a lifestyle and not just a happenstance...
Lessons Learned: God is good - Always!!!
Thoughts: Have you said thanks for the tough things that happened this year?

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