Wednesday, November 2, 2011

North and South...

I live in the South.  I am not from the South.  I like the South and am glad that I live there.  I like the culture, the food, the common courtesy, the respect and the hospitality.  We are not a perfect area to live, but it is a great place to live and raise a family.  I am really glad that God put me where I am.

I travel some and sometimes end up in the North.  I have mostly been in the Baltimore/DC area so I have not been truly that far up into the true northern States.  This week that changed. I am in Philadelphia and the surrounding area in New Jersey. I have always thought that people up in this area of the Country were gruff and had a harshness that the South doesn't have.  I was wrong.

I have been pleasantly surprised. I have met many people over the past few days that have been more than hospitable, more than courteous, and more than hospitable. They say a fe words differently than I'm used to (like "cauwfee" which means "coffee") but this has been a great experience.

Lessons Learned: Don't assume anything about people. Don't ball a group of people up into one type. People are generally nice in any area of the Country.

Thoughts: Who have you made an assumption about? Have you had your "cauwfee" today?

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