Friday, November 18, 2011

Guy and the Bozos...

I was able to attend a leadership seminar where Guy Kawasaki shared some insights about business. It was very helpful and he was dead on target with his approach to business and growing companies. He had several points that were simple and gave direction for how to move a business forward.

I like these types of events because they are motivating and they give me principles that can help me in my daily work. I also like them because, sometimes I can apply them to my life personally and to ministry, that I may be involved with. In today’s case, he reminded us not to let the bozos get us down and he gave several examples, in business where people thought the next great idea or invention was a waste of time - Yahoo, the telephone, the computer, etc.
This made me think about my life. I am not perfect and I fail a bunch, thus my entire premise for this blog. I do things the way I believe they should be done and I try to give my best. Sometimes that’s not good enough and sometimes people talk behind my back with their own ideas. I don’t get hurt by that, because they are the bozos in my life. Once in awhile they even say something to me directly, telling me how I have done the wrong thing or done it the wrong way.
One example of this is in ministry. I work in several areas of my church and try my best to help our Pastor and the ministry with the gifts God has given me. One of my favorite areas is our annual Mission’s Conference every February. We do a lot that week and it takes me, literally, hundreds of hours in preparation and detail to get all the work done, set up and orchestrate all the segments of the week. I don’t try and do it for the praise (sure I get selfish once in awhile), but I really put a bunch of work into it.
Last year, I remember someone (they were well meaning, I think) came up to me near the end of the week and told me several items I did wrong and ways they would do it to make it better. I took he advice (I have actually asked them to help this year), but inside, I thought “Why didn’t you come to me and help me at the beginning?” “Why didn’t you put any work into this week other than the criticism?” I could have taken the thoughts and become discouraged, but instead, I realized they were being a bozo at that moment and I just finished the week to the best of my ability.
Lessons Learned: Don’t let the bozos get you down. They will take your plans, ideas and work, and discourage you from moving forward. (Credit to Guy Kawasaki)
Thoughts: Have you been a bozo to someone this week?

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