Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Ugly Guy and the Smile...

I think smiling is of huge value in life. It’s contagious. I sometimes look at one of my children and just smile...they can't help but begin to smile back, even if they are in a terrible mood or really don’t want to. Sometimes it bugs them, but after they smile, they always feel better and they have renewed energy for the next thing in the day.  I know that when I smile it impacts me positively every time.

The other thing about a smile is that even the absolute ugliest person can make you grin when they smile. I saw a guy recently that was truly ugly, not just a little bit not handsome, but painfully ugly. He said something to someone and then he smiled and all the ugliness went away (well most of it) and the smile was catching because I then smiled too.  I couldn't believe the difference in this guy when he smiled.
This reminded me that we often don't smile enough. We have lots of stress in life and we have so much to focus on with multitasking our work, families, church and other portions of our lives, that we forget to smile. I try to make it a point to find something that makes me smile everyday, and sometimes I try to find something that makes me absolutely laugh hysterically, because I know it boosts my spirit and gives me the enthusiasm to move forward with my day, no matter the pain.
Lessons Learned: Smiling and laughter are great medicine and can impact not only you but all those around you (find an ugly person and make them laugh - you will see - by the way, if you have someone come up to you and make you laugh, you might just be that ugly person).
Thoughts: Have you caused a smile today?

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