Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have always been a fan of tipping (or at least as long as I have been an adult). I think that if a person is in a position that is of the tipping type, and they do a good job, then a tip is deserved. I don't like when people automatically expect a tip and assume they deserve it just because they did their job (I usually still tip them something though).

I was in a restaurant the other night in Millville, NJ and my waitress did a job of excellence. She kept my Coke zero full, she brought me extra napkins (even though I didn’t ask for them), she made sure I had all that I needed to have a nice meal.  She also took the time to make sure I had salsa to go for the extra chips I had left and gave me some reheating tips for my food.  This is not the norm and I tipped her well for her efforts.

In another location, I had a meal and I had three different waiter/waitresses and didn't know who was really helping me.  I had to look around for somebody to get me some more Coke zero and napkins and couldn't find them. I also had to search for someone to get me my check at the end of the meal. They did as little as possible to get me taken care of that night and I also tipped them accordingly. 
This made me think about how I work. I am not in a position that has tips involved, nor do I ever expect a tip from my customers, but do I work like the first waitress or do I create a confusing and frustrating environment for my customers, like the second restaurant? I have to strive for the highest tip possible in all I do.
Lessons Learned: Simple. Always do your best and work as if your paycheck depended upon it, because it does...
Thoughts: Have you done a job worthy of a big tip this week?

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