Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas is a comin’ and the goose is getting fat...sorry PETA...

This is from an old song/poem and every year I feel like I can start saying/singing this earlier and earlier. I don’t eat goose, but I understand the concept of getting fat during this time of year - hopefully I’m not headed for the slaughter though - again, sorry PETA. It seems like right after Valentine’s day, the Christmas sales and emails begin. I love Christmas and the true meaning of the season. Christmas is a tremendous season, however I think it’s way too commercialized now, but that’s another subject.

Since we are at the Thanksgiving season, I think this is a fine time to start thinking about Christmas. On the Friday after Thanksgiving my family puts up the Christmas trees and all the decorations around he house. We are not extreme with this, but we enjoy the season and all the things that go along with it. We even enjoy all of the silly movies that come along with this season - think Hallmark know what I mean. 
As we look forward to Christmas, we can enjoy all of the family get-togethers, the Church programs and functions, the work Christmas parties and the extra time with family, but don’t forget, even in this early part, to remember the true meaning of Christmas. God sent His Son to be born so that we could see salvation after He lived His life and died to be the final sacrifice for our sins. 
Be thankful as we finish the Thanksgiving season and look forward to Christmas coming soon.
Lessons Learned: Enjoy the season, but don’t forget the real reason.
Thoughts: How much of your Christmas list is finished already?

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