Friday, July 6, 2012

No fishing…

It’s hard to see, but, when you’re up closer, there are big red letters that say “NO FISHING”
There were also poles that reminded people of the same thing.
The man pictured was not hiding. He was out in the open in front of over 100 people, including dock hands. He truly didn’t care about who was watching, because he was on his cell phone for a few minutes talking at the top of his lungs.
He didn’t care about the sign.
He wasn’t concerned about the rules.
He wanted to fish, so he did.
Illegal fishing is rampant, in the United States, today…

People see the signs, but keep on fishing, even though they’re not supposed to do it. I’m not sure why so many people just flat out disobey the sign and the rules, but they do. 
They love to fish more then they love to obey, I guess…
They love their own plans, rather than what the law requires…
They think they can do what they want, where others obey…

Now for the important part - we do this all the time, but not with a fishing pole.
We see the rules.
We see the signs.
We know the boundaries.
We just ignore them and do what we want to do.
I hate that it’s true of me, but I fail all the time in obedience and then realize it after the fact, or sometimes I just do what I want to and don’t care. Horrible - I know it, but we all like to put ourselves above others and above the rules. We do it lots.
We speed.
We cut in line.
We take advantage of others.
We think of our needs first.
Those are not within the right things to do. They put us first and disobey the fishing sign. The no fishing sign is there for a reason, even if we don’t understand the why. I like to know why and I like to agree with the why when I obey a rule, but we can’t always know why.
I deal with teens all the time that struggle with the rules, because they don’t understand the why of the rule. We try to explain the why, but we can’t always do that, and it’s very important that obedience is taught, trusted and occurring in our teens - and ourselves too.
God does not always give us a reason why. Sometimes He does, but we still need to obey His “No Fishing” signs when they are before us. This obviously doesn’t apply to sharing the Gospel, because He wants us fishing there, but sometimes He has a plan and we don’t know all the details - we still need to obey, because it’s His plan.
Lessons Learned: “No Fishing” means “No Fishing” so we better just not fish, if you know what I mean.
Thoughts: What signs are you struggling with today?
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