Monday, July 2, 2012

Killing weeds and setting boundaries…

I saw this truck streaming weed killer along the roadway the other day. I’m not totally sure why it was doing that ,since it seemed like a spot that weed-eaters could get to, but  they must have had a reason to do it.  
Weeds are a pain and sometimes you have to spray them to be sure to kill them dead, at least for awhile.
The spray was taking care of some things…

It was conquering the weeds…
It was making sure that the weeds were dead. The chemical in the spray had one purpose - to get rid of the weeds.
We have weeds in our lives that need to be killed. What actions are you taking?
Do you want weeds in your life, that are digging into you and destroying your being? The obvious answer is that we want to be better than we were before and we wouldn't want anything taking away the good from us. Weeds get in and take the good nutrients from the ground and they do that with us to.
Sin is the weed, and all it does is…
Pull us away form the Lord.
Destroy our prayer life.
Keep us full of guilt.
Hurt those close to us.
Stop us from growing.
It was setting up a boundary…
When they were spraying, they wanted to make sure that the weeds did not get onto the side of the road. They wanted to keep the weeds out and set a boundary for that.
We have to set boundaries too.
We have to have guidelines that keep us from the weeds.
A lot of people in Christianity hate the idea of rules. They want to be free and want to have their choices of how they live. They consider rules legalistic and binding.
I understand what their thinking, but you have to have boundaries. They keep us safe. They help guide us. They endeavor to keep us from wrong. They help us focus on what we really need to be doing. No rules, means there are no absolutes and the Bible is full of absolutes - right absolutes. There are wrongs and there are rights.
So, what are good boundaries?
Ones that keep you away from doing wrong.
Ones that protect you from harmful things.
Ones that help you impact others better.
Ones that make you stay on the right path.
I don’t have to give you a list of the correct boundaries to have - you can come up with the ones that are best for you, and follow God’s Word correctly. The main thing is that you get the weed killer out there before the weeds get in there and destroy what is good in you. Figure out the best boundaries to stop the weeds from getting in.
Lessons Learned: Don’t just spray the weeds once - do it daily.
Thoughts: What weeds are you killing today?
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  1. Weeds have a way of sneaking in. One day there are gone and the next they are big and strong. Must keep pruning our gardens! Can't take a day off.

  2. "Can't take a day off." how true...

  3. but oh how we sometimes long to. Our flesh really is weak.


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