Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to be an octopus…

I think that an octopus is an extremely cool creature...a little dark and scary, but way beyond some of the other odd creatures I’ve seen on Animal Planet or one of those other channels.  
For goodness sake, it has eight arms and ink...just how cool would that be?
The octopus has skills too…
It can fit into a Coke bottle and turn around and stare at you.
It can ink you if you try to scare it, or maybe it inks you when you scare it...not sure, but that’s still a cool skill.
It can grab many things at one time and concentrate on all of them individually.
It has suction cups that each have their own little brain-like responses to where they are.
It can bite with a beak (this just got me to thinking - it’s not a bird, but it has a beak - I’m so glad it can’t fly - wouldn't that be the scariest thing ever, to have an octopus swoop down and bite you or slap you with it’s tentacles - my word!).
It can change colors all at once, with just a portion of it’s body at a time or be like a rainbow.
It can crush it’s prey with it’s powerful arms.
It can see in the dark.
It can glide through the water like an aerodynamic dart.
I could go on and on…
So how can we be like the octopus?
Coke bottle - We can lose weight to look like a Coke bottle...no really, we can look for the best way to protect by using what’s around us appropriately. Sometimes, we need to be ready to take cover from an attack. The best way for this, to me, is to pray and trust the Lord.
Ink - We cannot let our fears take over, but overcome our fears with ink…not ink, but faith would be better. Keep relying on the Lord.
Arms - We can multitask with the abilities that God has given us and handle more than we thought we could. Life has to have a balance, but we can often manage more than we think, with the Lord’s grace and help.
Suction cups - We can use the sense that God gave us to make decisions kinda like the octopus does with it’s suction cups.
Beak - I don’t think we need to bite, but we can use our mouths for the purposes God gave them to us, instead of gossiping, back-biting and hurting. We can encourage, promote and pray.
Color change - We can adapt to the challenges that life presents to us so that we become less rigid and more flexible to what comes our way. We often want to stand out and be tough, when sometimes we should just blend in and be calm.
Crush - We can only crush the enemy through prayer and proper responses. We don’t have personal strength, but we have God’s strength.
Dark - we get the privilege of trusting in the dark times of life and not knowing what God will do. We get to trust His plan - better than an octopus.
Glide - we get to ride above the storms like eagles and watch the storms from God’s hands.
Lessons Learned: An octopus is way cool - we are way cooler because we get to trust the Lord.
Thoughts: What has God overcome for you lately? Did you trust in Him?

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