Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to name a Street…

When I was driving down the highway between NJ and PA, I saw about 15 signs showing how to get to Street Road. I could not believe that a street had been named Street, or was it a road that was named Street? 
Seriously, couldn't someone have come up with a more original name than that? 
Did the City run out of other names? 
Was there a man named Mr. Street that they named this after?
Did Mr. Street not have a first name they could combine?
Who made the final call on this name?
Did they just give up trying to be creative?

I can’t help but wonder why this was done. This was not a side street named Street. Street Road went on for at least 8-10 miles! It was a major road, or street in the City where I was. 
Made me think of my creativity. I’m a task oriented person and I like to have a list to accomplish. I don’t often come up with the creative thought for a project, but once it gets on the table, I love to make it work and can be creative with the started plan. I can be a little creative with a title or thought, but I have to work hard at it. I don’t give up though. I hate giving up. I fight ‘til the end in almost everything I do, except knitting (Who cares about knitting, anyway?).
Now I go round in circles with my thoughts. 
Since I’m not really creative, do I still try to create? 
Do I hand the creative part to someone else or just name some road, Street? 
Should I realize my weakness and not try?
I can’t be like that, and I think most all of us would rather try than give up...I hope. How hard could it be to come up with an idea? How challenging could it be to pick a simple thought and turn it into something creative? We do it on blogs, websites, FaceBook, Pinterest, etc. We can do it! We can be creative and come up with an idea that is creative.
The word Creative means: “having good imagination or original ideas.” 
We all come up with original imaginative ideas all the time.
Cutting our sandwich in a different angle and adding our own favorite items to it.
When we were kids, we made all kinds of things out of legos...sometimes, we still do.
I think, we think, we are not creative, when, if we think about it, we are. Say that 10 times fast. It’s true though, we can come up with ideas and be creative.
Here’s your task:
Come up with 3 (just three) original creative ideas to do with your friends, or family, or coworkers, or youth group, or spouse, or siblings, or anyone you like - even just you. Write them down and set a plan in motion with them, at least one of them. 
  1. Play the Wii with my children while whistling a silly song. 
  2. Take my family out to eat some yogurt ice cream, but require that we each make a poem (or at least, a silly rhyme) about the experience.
  3. Use my pocket knife, some tape, a small water bottle and make something.
Feel free to share yours with us here - maybe you will have the next cool idea that we can all try.
Lessons Learned: I will not give up on creativity, even if I think I’m not creative.
Thoughts: Are you a naturally creative person?

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