Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are you having a bad day?

The house pictured is a few miles from where I live and it’s been sitting like this for at least a year. I don’t know if a storm blew the tree over or if it was just old, top heavy and finally gave in. I hope no-one was living there when it happened and that no-one was hurt. I think it was abandoned when it happened, but that still had to be a bad day for the owners, when they saw this. Someone’s memories of living there are now destroyed and they can’t even go in to view what’s left. Truly, these folks had a bad day.
We all have bad days. 
We all have times of disappointment and hurt.
We all have minor and major catastrophes that happen to us.
We all struggle with our reaction to these tough times.
Recently, I was downsized from the company I worked for. I got a phone call one day, and the next day was my last day there. It happens in life (especially when you're in sales) and I’ve been through it twice before. Three times and three different reasons. Once I was downsized as part of a company going through a bankruptcy and buyout, once as part of a change in direction (the items I sold were being eliminated from the pallet - hard to sell items that aren't being sold), and once due to company financial reasons. 
It really didn’t matter what the reason was, all that mattered to me and my family that I was out of a job, at least for that moment. 
The first time that I was downsized, it was incredibly hard for me. I really struggled with the next step, the process of interviewing and seeking a new role in life. I was worried about the financial strain it would bring on my family. I was worried about my reputation. I was worried about the time it would take to get another job. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to give to those in need. I was constantly going through the budget to see how to tweak the bills, the emergency funds (which were gone) and keep on track. It was really hard for me, because it was something I had’t been hit with before and I didn’t ever plan for this in life. I didn’t fully understand how to trust the Lord, in a tough time, like this.
I learned.
I realized that this happens to many people regularly, and I wasn’t the only one. I realized that God still provides my needs. I realized that all the worrying and stressing didn’t help one bit. I realized that it would be fine, and I would prepare for the next time. I realized it was out of my control. I realized a lot, and grew from it.
The second time, I was downsized, I was better prepared, but it was still a bit of a challenge. I worried some, tweaked some, prayed better, and watched the way God works. It all worked out fine, and God used it to prepare me for the future.
This last time, I really, just smiled and said “Okay Lord, what’s next?” I still worried a little (what a waste of time - look here), tweaked some and just prayed more. It worked out just fine too - God has been training me all the way. Don’t take this pridefully, but I knew God had a plan, and worried less than ever.
God had a plan and I just had to follow it. His ways are always better than mine and He takes care, and took care of my needs. He even gave us some wants still. I just had to trust in Him - not saying that’s always easy, because, I’m human and focus on myself to much, too often.
This post was a little more personal, but I know that there are folks out there going through…
A downsize…
A life crisis…
A health issue…
A hard time…
A family struggle…
A deep burden…
Whatever you are going through, know that God can and will provide and help you, if you trust Him.
Lessons Learned: Trust God through the trials and the good times. He knows best. Faith in Him will bring you through.
Thoughts: What can we pray about with you right now?

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