Saturday, March 17, 2012

The perfect gift…

What a beautiful picture!

I really dislike shopping. I am typical of most males and only enjoy shopping when I’m after a specific item and know where it is. I like to act like a spy and sneak into stores, hiding behind clothing racks, or poles, slipping into sections of the store in stealth combat gear and getting to the item I need (or want) without anyone ever seeing me. I quickly pay for the item and leave - no questions, no answers. I don’t like being asked about what I am looking for or being pushed into a pair of shoes that I don’t like or want. I like to get the mission accomplished and get back to my house or job.  
Then, when it comes to shopping for a gift for someone else, I struggle big time, unless I have a list to follow that indicates: size, style, color, price, location on a store diagram and the best time of day to shop at that store. 
I really enjoy the giving part of gifts - it’s fun to see someone excited about getting a gift, but the getting the gift is a real challenge and I have a hard time surprising people, because I already asked them what they wanted, wrote it down in front of them, put it on my iPhone reminders list, set the reminder time, and told them I was going shopping.
So, when I saw this picture, I thought that many people would love this gift - it’s the perfect gift for a Starbucks kind of guy/girl. It gives us the fix that we desire. It’s portable. It’s easy to use. We can have one for the car, home and office. You could get it in several flavors - dark roast, blonde, White Mocha, Carmel Brûlée etc. If you want a Venti, you simply take three pumps. It’s the best gift ever! 
Back to gift giving...why do we do it? I hope these are some reasons…
To bring a smile. I love to see someone smile after I give them a gift. It means that you nailed it. It means that they liked it. It means that you were a blessing to that person and they have a little more happiness after they opened it, than they had before the gift was in their hands.
Because we care. We can’t give just to look good, or because we have to. We need to give because we truly care about the person we are giving to. That puts them first and they know it.
It will be a help. Sometimes a gift can be really practical, or something that is wanted, but a need too. Giving with help in mind shows thoughtfulness and kindness.
If the Starbucks inhaler ever hits the market, feel free to send me know my liking of all things Starbucks - just look here or here or here
Lessons Learned: Give because of others, not because of you. Enjoy some Starbucks today.
Thoughts: What perfect gift have you received? What are some other good reasons to give?


  1. This is a great, thought provoking post!  First, I hate to shop - for anything.  I make my grocery list according to where things are in the store, go in and get out as fast as I can.  I stopped buying gifts for family and friends a long time ago, because if they want something, they just go and get it.  One of my nieces got married several years ago and the invitation asked for money so they could pay for the wedding.  People are so selfish anymore, that it is really hard to even want to buy gifts.  So, I buy dog cookies for my 12-year old Golden Retriever - he appreciates the cookies very much.  As for Starbucks - I worked there long enough that the lining of my lungs is infused with the smell of coffee.  The most perfect gift I ever recieved (besides Salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ) was my Dad playing the piano for me.
    Thanks for the wonderful post - you have blessed me today.

  2. Thanks for reading so faithfully and for this great comment.


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