Sunday, March 4, 2012

Disconnected connections…

Our connectivity creates disconnections sometimes...

We live in a world of many connections and we see our world shrinking almost every day. I meet someone, who knows another person, who knows a person that knows me (did you follow that?). Social media has created a firestorm of making it easy to be in touch with almost anyone else in the world. It used to be difficult to keep in touch with friends from the past and family who live a long way away. Now it’s as simple as it could possibly be…but it will probably get even simpler in the future. Technology is rapidly changing and simplifying.
Two thoughts have come to mind about our connections…
  1. The first thought just creates a litany of questions... 
How many connections can we handle? 
Who loses when a new connection is added? 
Why would I care if someone is headed to the grocery store?
How many people can one person really connect to? 
Should we have this many connections? 
Why do we want that many connections? 
Why do people wish their spouses “Happy Valentines day!” on FB? Are cards no good now? How about a phone call? Or saying it in person…?
How many connections are enough? 
How many social media sites do we need to connect to? 
Do we really need to know this much about people? 
How many people really care to be my friend, or follow me, or read my posts, tweets or updates? 
Am I really their friend?
Why do people comment on their warts, online?
Why are they reading about me? 
Do I share too much? 
Am I too secretive? 
Why is social media so popular? 
Why did my Aunt Sally just post that crazy hairdo picture?

          2. Who am I impacting in social media and how am I impacting them? 
This is the more important one! 
I really think social media is interesting, maybe even cool, but I think that there should be at least one purpose behind everything we do in life and social media is included.
One of the purposes I go to church is to encourage others. 
One of the purposes I go to work is to provide for my family.
One of the purposes I speak to people is to provide a smile.
We can’t just do social media without a motive, or purpose, or plan.
So, what’s the plan?
Here’s mine...or part of mine...
I post, tweet, share, FB, etc. for the following purposes (not always in this order):

1. To encourage. I want people to be lifted up and know that failure, hurts and struggles happen to all of us and we all can make it through. God will help us and He can give us the grace we need to make it each day, week, month and year. We all have tough times and we all fail, but we will all make it through, no matter how bad it is.

2. To laugh (or at least, smile). I will share funny stories, thoughts and pictures to create laughter in people’s lives. Laughter is a huge part of my life and it impacts people greatly. We need inner joy, but laughter helps us along the way each day.

3. To learn...and help. I don’t really care that someone is going to the store, or has a good coupon, or made a craft, or their child said a funny comment (these can help with purpose #2 though), or is at a restaurant, or is mad at their friend or spouse (really a bad use of social media), or has a wart, or likes a certain song, etc. All those things are fine and dandy (great word), but really, I like to understand my friends and maybe I can see a way to help them as I, very casually read through some posts.

4. To be encouraged. I need the same as others and sometimes, I am encouraged by how a person is handling a trial, or someone sends me a note, message, email or comments on my blog. That’s a good thing for me too.  BTW - I appreciate the many kind words some of you have stated.
That’s it. You don’t have to copy my purposes, but you need to have purposes in what you do - all that you do... 
Lessons Learned: Don’t run through life haphazardly. Drive your life with a purpose.
Thoughts: What’s your purpose? Do you have a plan?


  1. This is a great post!  You do encourage, and you do a great job of it.  You have a cheerful nature and that comes across quite well in your writing. 
    I am not connected to social media, i.e. FaceBook, Twitter, etc.  The blogging scene is enough for me, and I have been so blessed to find like-minded bloggers who have encouraged me.  Likewise, I pray that the posts I write will encourage others.  Before I hit the 'publish' button, I pray for the Holy Spirit to take the post wherever it needs to go.  As for personal connections; I have wonderful family and friends whom I have real conversations with.

  2. Susan. Thanks for the kind words. You're a faithful reader and encourager.


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