Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crazy delicious dreams…

I have posted posts (that sounded redundant, wait, huh?) about dreams and goals, but they have been about the dreams we look at as goals or plans in life only. You can look at them here, here, here or there. I think they will help you, if you have a moment to read them. The post today is about actual dreams...I think?
Have you ever had a dream so real that you could actually smell it? Or taste it? Or feel it? Or you just couldn't get over how real it was, even when you woke up?
Some people wake up crying because their sad dream seemed like it really happened.
Some people wake up in terror, because their dream scared them so much.
Some wake up in a daze because their dream was so dramatic that they don’t even know where they are.
Once, when I was a child of about 4, I woke up dancing around in the bathtub, repeatedly saying loudly “I have to go to the bathroom!” “I have to go to the bathroom!” 
Once I woke up walking down the stairs.
Dozens of times, as a child from about age 5-10, I woke up on the floor after dreaming that I was falling off of a cliff. The thud as I hit the floor woke me up most all the time...but sometimes, it was the next morning, before I knew what was going on.
I likely have said this one before, how sometimes dreams are so real to me that I wake up laughing. I have dreamt Bugs Bunny Looney Toons cartoons and woke up in uncontrollable, hysterical laughter. BTW - this has happened, as a child, as a teen, as an adult, and even in the last year. Not sure why it happens, but I love to laugh, and those were some of the best cartoons ever, so…
About two weeks ago, I had a first in the dreaming world. I was sleeping pretty soundly and dreaming about going to a sub shop to get a freshly made sub. I clearly remember walking in, placing my order and watching as they prepared it and warmed it up. It was a Philly cheesesteak sub and it looked awesome. I distinctly remember putting the sub up to my mouth, after I sat down, but then I woke up, just as the sub hit my mouth. 
What a horrible time to wake up! I missed the best part...the actual eating of the sub, and it looked so good, so delicious, so warm and yummy...
I’m sure you’re wondering why I woke up...well, I woke up to me biting down hard on two of my fingers! 
I have never had a dream as vivid as that one, where I not only had it playing out in my mind, but I was acting it out in real life too! I hope I never dream that I’m punching someone in the nose, or my wife will kill me! 
Obviously, my fail today, is that my fingers didn’t taste like Philly cheesesteak.
The dream was so real, I could almost taste it. It was right there, ready to eat and looked so good, but then “Shazam” it was gone (I love that word, especially when Gomer Pyle says it). 
The dream wasn’t real and that delicious sub couldn't be finished. I sat down and cried for about 15 minutes - I really wanted that sub.
Have you ever wanted something so bad, in life, that you could see it, taste it, feel it? You really wanted to move forward on the dream in your head, but couldn't?
  1. Be careful that the dream is something that you really need and not just a want.
  2. Be careful that the dream is going to be a true help to you and others.
  3. Be careful that the dream isn’t going to cause pain in your life.
If you’re careful about the dream you have, it could be a really good thing for you.
Lessons Learned: Dreams can hurt you if you’re not careful with them. I needed 14 stitches in my sub sandwich fingers...
Thoughts: Do you ever have really vivid dreams? 

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