Friday, March 9, 2012

The driveway to nowhere…

This driveway got me thinking. I drove past it at least once or twice per week for about 8 weeks, as I took my youngest son to his basketball games and practices. I wondered why it was there and if it was going to be used for any real purpose or had future plans. 
Some things I noticed…
It wasn’t there by accident. Concrete is not cheap - it wasn't left over from another project. It seems to end at some sort of utility box, so it’s likely there for that purpose. Often in life, I see people do strange things without a purpose. When I first saw this, I thought, “Why did someone put the driveway in first?” “What’s the purpose?” “Do they have a plan?” 
It seems they had a plan, but I reviewed projects, in my mind, that I’ve started over the years and thought I had a plan and purpose, but didn’t really think through from beginning to end. It’s important to know where you’re going and what your doing.
It has a start. Even if this driveway has no real strong function in life, at least someone started a project. Most people will just sit and watch, rather than start something in life. Most people will complain about the project other’s are doing and not step in to help either.
It has an end. A project doesn’t have to make sense to everyone, it just has to make sense to you or the one’s you are working with. It seems to me that this driveway makes little sense, even if it’s for the utility box. I can come up with about 8-10 ways to do this project differently, but those that planned this thought this was the perfect end to their plan. They needed something done and figured out a way to do it - that’s a good thing.
Stop making fun of other’s plans - Your way is not always the only way or the right way. Your way may be different, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right way, and even if it is better, it doesn’t give you the right to make fun of their way of doing what they have done. Unfortunately, many of us look at others and the work that they do and just mock and jeer at their efforts.
What could we do?
Encourage them. We all need encouragement and we all get discouraged in the task we have or our lot in life. We all need to take the time to encourage others in what they’re doing. I know I appreciate when someone encourages me along the way. Don’t you? Do you encourage?
Help them. Step in and lend a hand. Take the step to be there along side someone and working with them. This is a big step further than to just say a kind word. A helping hand is huge as someone is involved in a project. Talk about being motivated! When someone helps me with a task, I get new fire to continue. Don’t you? Do you help?
Teach them. Final step. Get in there with the knowledge you have learned during your lifetime and give it to them. Give them the good words, the help and teach them a better plan. Not like a know-it-all, but as a true teacher, that cares about their project. I know that I love to learn new things and better ways to get things done. Don’t you? Do you teach others?
Lessons Learned: It’s so much better to be the one that is known for encouraging, helping and teaching. 
Thoughts: Do you sit back and mock or do you step in and encourage, help and teach? Do you care about another’s goals, plans or projects? What have you done lately to teach, help or encourage?

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