Sunday, March 18, 2012

Storm chasers…

Saw this in Chattanooga on a trip once - it's from the actual TV show!

I live in an area that is considered part of “Tornado Alley” and we see our fair share of storms each spring, and sometimes we see crazy storms at other times of the year too. 
This year March came in like the lion it often does, and we saw several storms come through in a 24 hour period with tornados popping up all over the south and in Tennessee. It was quite a wild time and we hate to see the damage that occurred and the lives that were impacted. 
I saw a few of things that I hand’t thought about before this way…
We like to look at the different or dangerous or damaging.
People are glued to their TV, or the web, looking at the storm that’s coming. They are looking with fear of it showing up in their neighborhood. They are looking to see the damage it caused in it’s path. We have an attraction to the dangerous things in life. Just like a scary movie, most of us like to face (look at) the dangers we see in life. 
We don’t want the damage or danger close to us, but we still want to see it. It’s like watching a documentary of someone who went through a rough life - we like to watch and see the hard times, and see the results. The storms we see are different than the everyday mundane, so we are attracted, kinda like a car accident.
Some of us chase storms in life.
Like the picture, some do this for a living and some do it for a hobby, but some do it in real life too. 
There are those of us who, find storms all the time, during our life. Some truly, just seek out the hard times by making poor choices and getting themselves into struggles that they can’t get out of. Good choices, in life, will always bring less tough times. When we make the right choices, life won’t be perfect, but you will struggle less.
Storms will come in life, and we may get hurt.
We can’t stop all the storms and, as we go through some of them, there will be pain. We may lose a loved one, get downsized from a job, have medical issues and bills, have a marital problem, have trouble with a friend, go though a time of great emotional turmoil or any number of storms, that hurt. Pain will be there in life and the storms will show up, even though we don’t really want them close to us.
No matter how prepared you are, storms are hard to go through.
You can be as prepared as possible, with flashlights, blankets, a shelter, some candy (very important), good insurance and whatever else you can think of, but the storm will not be fun to go through. Storms are not easy, but they usually produce things that we couldn't have learned, without going through them.
We learn to prepare better next time, when we are downsized from a job.
We learn to love people more, while they’re here, when we lose a loved one.
We learn to take advantage of the time we have, when we realize our physical conditions are deteriorating.
We learn to be a better friend, when we see a friendship dissolve in front of us.
We learn that emotions are fickle, when we go through ups and downs.
We learn that God has the Grace we need for every storm and we see His hand working in us, and for us, during and after each storm.
Lessons Learned: Don’t be afraid of the storm. Look for God’s Grace when you need it.
Thoughts: What storm are you going through right now? How is God providing His Grace? Isn’t His Grace amazing?
More cool pics...

 Notice it's a Dodge...I think I could outrun it with my Hemi, though...

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