Monday, March 26, 2012

Wouldn't it be cool!

I have got to get one of these...

There are lots of times in life that I say this…
When I’m watching a show with a really fast car…
When I’m watching someone shooting a gun that’s really powerful…
When I hear about a great job opportunity…
When I watch “Myth Busters” and think about having that career…
When I see a bus that has a jet engine on the back of it, like the picture today…

It got me to thinking that sometimes I think about the crazy dreams in life and sometimes I act upon them. I wish I acted upon more of them, but for the ones that I do act on, it puts a smile on my face and makes me happy I tried something new, or stepped out of my comfort zone.
It may be a small thing like:
Fixing a chair at my house, that I thought I couldn't fix, or
Working on a project that I didn’t know how to do and figuring it out, or
Simply doing something different with my children that I have never done before.
Or it may be a big thing like:
Jumping off a 50 foot train bridge into a river, or
Going out further in the ocean, than I’m comfortable with, to see a jelly fish, or
Reaching out to touch the edge of the protective barrier, on the CN Tower (tallest free standing structure) and I hate heights.
We often don’t even try the things we dream about, and, in some cases, that’s likely wise, but in other’s we have just missed something awesome.
I’m not saying we need to take silly large risks in life, but a life without taking any risks or just sitting back and watching only is kind of a sad life. 
God gave us a wonderful planet to enjoy and we should enjoy it. 
God gave us a wonderful family to enjoy and we should enjoy them. 
God gave us friends to hang out with and we should hang with them.
Lessons Learned: Don’t just sit and say “Wouldn't it be cool…”, get out and do some cool.
Thoughts: What cool thing have you done? What cool thing are you about to do?

A cool pic to end with...

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