Monday, March 12, 2012

My name is spelled C-R-A-I-G (Craig)…

I don’t think I have a really unusual name. I think it’s rather a normal mundane simple name with a standard spelling. I don’t really know many other ways to spell my name. I did see one person from Scottland spell it with a “K” instead of a “C”, but just once. I have never see it any other way, otherwise. There are other ways, but I would say that the standard way that I spell it is the most common.
Here are some other spellings that I found:
The name derives from a Scottish surname derived from Gaelic creag meaning 'crag'or 'rocks' - (pronounced krayg).
I guess that means that “I Rock!”
So, you see the cup pictured above. The cup does not have any of the spellings that I just listed and it looks like L-R-E-I-G, but I’m sure the first letter is a “C.”  I have had my name spelled incorrectly at Starbucks several times and the other one that was used was “Creg” and was done twice. Twice I have also had the name “Frank” put on my cup. I do not think that Frank and Craig sound alike, but some must. kind of bugged me...

This reminds me of the time I got a letter addressed to Mr. Craig Studley. Horrible spelling of my last name, but it was the truth about me, as a person...
I am not trying to make fun of Starbucks - you know me better than that. Look here, here or here...
I began to think that I was too picky, or just being mean, but it got me back to the customer service side of life again.
Do I care enough about who I serve to get their name correct? 
This isn’t just in the business world. It’s in who I serve at my church and who I serve as I’m out in an public spot where names are given. People like to hear their names and they like to have them said and spelled correctly. We like ourselves and we feel special when someone remembers our name and spells it right. This isn’t just about being picky. Don’t you feel special when someone gets your name right and remembers it?
We are in this world to impact others and small things go a long way (like coffee), so getting a name right can impact in a way you may not even imagine, or you can have a blog post written about you that makes fun of your inability to spell - pick one.
Lessons Learned: I need to make people feel important and special. Little things impact people.
Thoughts: Has anyone brutalized the spelling of your name?


  1. I work so hard at my job to spell people's names correctly! I have had my last name mispronounced all of my life. I also had a 6th grade teacher that called me Stephanie all year long (doesn't sound like Jennifer at all), so I guess that's why I go out of my way to get people's names right. And yes, it does make people feel special!

  2. Thanks for reading. Little things, like names, mean a lot.


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