Friday, March 30, 2012


Have you ever been at a point in life, where whichever way you turned, you had something else that went wrong, or you realized there was something else you forgot to do, or there was another burden that you heard about that needed to be considered? That may be the longest question I've ever written, but do you ever feel like you're maxed out in every way? What do you do when you get there? Do you give up? Do you sit back and cry? Do you pray? Do you get angry? Do you try to hide from it? Do you do a little of all of these? We all get to this spot in life sometimes, but there are two great things to consider. Others all go through it too, and some of them are in a rougher spot than you are. Encourage them and your tough times will seem lighter. God knows all the current and future details of your issues, concerns, burdens, worries and overwhelming stress. You can trust him. Today's thought is short. It's too simple not to be short. 

Lessons Learned: trust the Lord through your overwhelming times. 

Thoughts: What trial are you going through right now?


  1. I needed this today. I am learning that oppositions to Truth more often than not, come from within the Church family than without. That doesn't mean we don't pursue sharing Truth, it means we have to learn another aspect of graciousness in responding to those oppositions. Oftentimes it does feel that no matter how one says something or goes about doing something, there will always be one person to find fault with it and assume that your motives were entirely selfish or "holier than thou". Frustrating, yes, but at the same time an eye opener on dealing with others and a time of learning a new aspect of being more like Christ! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thsnks for the comment and for reading...

  3. What is so funny I posted almost the same thing o my blog today. It must be in the water! Keep at it, take a moment to breathe and rest in the Lord. 

  4. Breathing is important - thanks for reading and for the comment...


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