Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Funny happens…

One thing I notice, in life, a lot, is that funny happens, all the time. 
One thing I notice, in life, a lot, is that people miss seeing the funny things, all the time.
First of all, my comma placement just rocked in those two sentences (wait, did I just sound like my college english teacher - someone please help me).
Now to the important thought, that, I think, I have for you today.
God must have a sense of humor. I have zero question about this at all. I expect that heaven will be full of hilarity and that some of the “joy unspeakable” will be us rolling on the floor laughing (I should make a short form for that like, ROFL - I think that might catch on - let me know if you see it anywhere - I have put tests out for a while now). 
I fully understand that joy and laughter are not the same thing and that we can laugh with or without joy sometimes, but when I’m truly joyful in my life - you know that deep down complete peace, with happiness, and trust in the Lord all at the same time kind of joy. When I have that joy, I see the funny in life all the time and I can laugh at every circumstance and see how funny life truly is.
In my job search over the last few weeks, I see humor all the time.
Here’s an example…
My wife told me about a quote that goes something like this, “Before things can come together, sometimes they have to fall apart.” Good thought, because the failures in life often bring out the successes later on. Sometimes, God has to take you through a trial to prepare you for the next challenge in life. Sometimes, you have to lose before you can go on and win the next game. The analogies go on and on, but they are true.
So, you know what I thought, when I saw the quote?
I know that you’re expecting some deep philosophical thought with amazing meaning and impact on your life...you likely know me better than that…
I thought about Angry Birds. You know you can’t be a successful Angry Birds champion if you don’t slingshot the bird and destroy the pig’s hideout to the fullest extent. You have to take out those dastardly, egg stealing, pigs, to get the high score. You have to break things apart before the best comes together.
Last week I was thinking about that quote, when a tooth split in half, and disintegrated, in my mouth. Sometimes things fail apart, before they come together. Not sure how that applies to the come together part, but it did break apart. I’ve been waiting for the miracle of it coming back together, but I guess I would have to find the Starburst that I spat out with the rest of the tooth for that to happen - hope I didn’t gross you out too badly with that one.
As I’ve been job searching (I’m in sales and have been for about 14 years), I’ve been looking and applying and praying and waiting, but I noticed something that I have to laugh at. I must be the perfect insurance sales candidate. I have had every single insurance company in America contact me and offer me a no pay job to sell their products (side note - if their product is good, why don’t they pay people to sell it? Or if it’s good, why do they need so many new sales people so badly). BTW - most of them have contacted me multiple times and usually from an automated email or calling center, where they can’t pronounce my name (not my last name - I could get that, but my first name?). 
I also had an offer to sell tobacco products - my resume clearly states that I was a Christian school principal at a Baptist church (you know the whole “Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t chew or hand around the girls that do.” saying? - two tobacco references in that). I’m not trying to be holier that thou, but I don’t like tobacco or think it’s good for you.
I have to laugh at life’s funny turns and strange happenings, because I have true joy and I love to laugh (you can look at this old post to read more, or here, or here for some funny videos). I will not look at the negatives and get down, because the Lord is the one that provides my needs and the needs of my family, not any job or position. I trust Him.
On the other side of things, I watch too many people not see the humor in life and sit in defeat, stress, sadness, worry, discouragement, bitterness and depression. That’s pretty harsh and sad, but I see it. God does not want us there. He would rather we see each moment with joy and laughter than sink down to despair. 
Lessons Learned: Disappointments in life should bring joy too.  Don’t let the little, or big things get you down. I love commas.
Thoughts: Are you laughing today at the struggle or are you sinking with discouragement? Did anyone see a Starburst in the bushes by the church?

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