Thursday, March 29, 2012

What’s in a word?

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the word “word.” It’s a short word, and in fact, it’s a four letter word. The word “word” is a very powerful word that can get its user in trouble, if they don’t use the word “word” correctly. “Word” is not just a word, it’s a character trait and I think we use the word “word” too much sometimes, in life.
I know that was a little wordy...pun intended…
So, what do I mean by all this wordiness?
I think it deals with the truth of using the word. In days gone by, a handshake and your word were all that was necessary for a commitment. It didn’t take a contract, or having things in writing, or making sure lawyers put down items with legalese, so that there are ways to get out or your word. Most people’s word means next to nothing these days, no matter how firmly it’s given to you. People’s word just doesn’t have the commitment it had before. 
We shouldn't even have to say “I give you my word.” or “I’m a man of my word.” or “When I say something, I mean it.”
We should just do what we say or not say it all.
When I say I’m going to pay someone, I should pay them.
When I call a medical office and indicate I will pay a certain amount each month, I should do it.
When I say I will show up at a certain time, I should be there at that time (early is good too).
When I promise to take my kids to Taco Bell, I should take them there.
When I say that I’ll help someone with a task, I should show up and help them.
When I say I will pray for someone, I should pray for them.
When I state I will work a job, I should work it.
When I discuss taking someone out to lunch, I should set the plan and do it.
When I commit to marriage, I should stay married and work on my role as husband or wife.
When I say I will get back to someone, at a certain time, I should get back to them prior to that time.
When I say I will change my life, because of a message, I heard, I should change it.
When I suggest to one person, that I will encourage someone else, I should make sure I encourage that person.
When I tell one of my children that I will play ball with them, I should go out and play ball with them.
You get the point of this list.  When we say something, our word should be enough. It shouldn't take pressure or demands from others. It shouldn't take a contract. It shouldn't take any kind of paper. Our word should be our word.
Lessons Learned: Keeping our word shouldn't have to be wordy. It should just be what we say.
Thoughts: How’s your word?

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