Sunday, March 25, 2012

Really courageous…

So, I had the opportunity to watch the movie “Courageous” this week and I’m glad I did. I know that it’s a movie and there’s a script and they memorize and practice the script to perfection over months. I know that it’s not a real story and that they are actors. I know that Father’s should improve in life. I know that we live in a hard world and we all mess up. 
Knowing all that, I still needed to be reminded that I need to be a better dad and husband. I’ve written a few times about being a better dad - look here, here and here...

The question I have is simple: “Why does it take a movie to motivate people to do the right thing as a dad, parent, brother, sister or just as a human being?”
I’m not a perfect dad - I fail a lot and struggle with focus and balance sometimes. I mess up and am sometimes selfish with too high expectations for my children. I forget my priorities once in a while and I chose the wrong things sometimes, but I didn’t need a movie to remind me. 
Don’t take this wrong…we need reminders, motivation and accountability, but...
We need to choose right because it’s right, not because we are emotionally connected to a movie. We need to play with, spend time with, encourage and help our children because that’s what a dad does, not because we feel guilty from a movie, message or sermon. We have to stand for right (that’s hard work, but it comes with the territory). We just have to care about our family because we love them and it’s our God given responsibility to do so.
I don’t mind being reminded of something that’s right to do, because that helps us keep accountable, but I need to do the right thing because it’s the right thing all the time.
Lessons Learned: I like to be kept accountable to do right. I liked the movie. I need to be a better dad.
Thoughts: Did it take a movie to make you choose the right thing to do?

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