Sunday, May 27, 2012


Today I will be writing in sevens.
“Impacts” always has seven letters in it. 
Now you may say “Duh” to that.
I think seven is a cool number. 
Seven doesn’t have seven letters in it.
Lets look at impacts as an acronym.
Impacts can be broken down into ideas…

I - I is not me it is you.
M - Meaningful treatment causes heartfelt modifies other people.
P - Peacemakers generally do not cause people anger.
A - Aptitude does not impact like attitude can.
C - Changing my attitude can change another person.
T - Time’s an item we cannot get back.
S - Stress can be relieved with simple smiles.
Impacts always make a difference in things.
When cars hit another, it’s a dent.
When people encourage, it’s a life change.
I hope you enjoyed this different post.
It’s one of the shortest ones yet.
I may do some others with seven.

Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoyed.
Lessons Learned: Short and simple can impact.
Questions: How have you impacted someone today?

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