Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Changing times…Tuesday Tourist

Today, I start to make some changes to my blog.

Here’s the plan:

I’m going to post differently, at least for a while.

I want to impact, but I realize that not everyone can read each day, and you never know what’s going to be on my blog, so it’s hard to have a routine for reading.

This new structure may help a little…

Sundays - these have been focused on Spiritual growth for a while, and I will continue that theme. 

Spiritual Sundays

Monday - new post, with a fresh idea from a photo, encounter or other thought. 

Mover Mondays

Tuesday - this is a change - I’m going to oath have a guest post, or a redirect to a post that was impactful to me.  This starts today. 

Tourist Tuesday

Wednesday - new post, like mondays, but on Wednesday instead. No good name yet.

Wednesday Wanderings?

Thursday - focusing on a valuable quote or impact statement - short and sweet. Another hard name to come up with.

Thoughtful Thursdays?

Friday - new post, but no specific topical direction. 

Free Friday

Saturday - these have been short and often comical over the last few months, so I’m keeping that theme. 

Short or Silly Saturday

Hope my blog is an encouragement to you - feedback is always welcome.

For todays Tourist Tuesday, I’m sending you off to read a blog post by a missionary that recently went through a huge trial and lose, yet is accepting it with an amazing attitude.

Read it here…

Lessons Learned: Change is like a vacation.

Thoughts: What do you think about the changes?


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