Friday, August 31, 2012

Finding a way…

One child wanted the ball…

Determination is not seen as much as it used to be. It seems that most people settle for the “status quo” and don’t go beyond the plan.

Determination is not easy, but it’s necessary for success in any role you have in life, especially the ones that impact lives - BTW - what roles do we have that don’t impact lives?

I think you get the point - we impact in all we do, therefore we should be determined in all we do.

How can we be determined?

We should have a plan.

Not everyone is organized, and not everyone is a planner, but I’ve never met anyone that’s seen success that didn’t have a plan. Having no target, goal or structure will always succeed in failure. 

Can you imagine an athlete that haphazardly went through their day without a routine to train for their event? Wouldn't a sprinter want to practice their starts, finishes and strides? Wouldn't a business owner have a structure of how they wanted to grow and manage their business? 

You would expect an athlete and a business owner to have a plan, but how about you?

Why wouldn't you have a plan for your family, for your position, for your ministry, for your hobbies?  Why not? Don’t you want to have success? 

As a personal example, I teach a Junior High boys Sunday school class. When I started, I had some ideas for how I wanted to run the class and structure, but as I got into it more, I developed a two year strategy so I didn’t miss opportunities to impact. I know what lessons I’m going to teach and how many weeks each lesson should take. I have some flexibility, but a plan allows me to succeed.

We should follow our plan.

So follow your plan. Why have a plan that you don’t follow? What good is a plan that you don’t use? Wouldn't a plan that you used be a great way to improve what you’re doing now? Maybe your original plan needs tweaking - you can’t know that, if you aren’t following it.

The child that wanted the ball had a plan, and he followed it...

Use your plan!

We should trust the Lord.

This should really be first, because you can’t put a good plan together without the Lord having directed you. We often set plans, but if we do that alone, we just failed before we started. God has to direct, not only in personal plans, but in every (I mean every) aspect of your life. Too many people (sometimes, me included) get a plan for life together and don’t include God, when we should actually be seeking Him before we ever punch that first keystroke in our plan.

By setting our own plans, we show that we really don’t trust the Lord.

Once God gives you the plan, He expects you to be determined, by His strength, to move forward with the plan. 

Lessons Learned: I need to double check that my plans are the Lord’s plans.

Thoughts: Are you finding a way?


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