Sunday, August 26, 2012

Feeling demolished #5…

My 300th Post - I'm thankful!

This picture gives a great visual description of how people can feel, when they are going through hard times.

We see everything falling down around us.

We see failures at every corner.

We see everything collapsing down on top of us.

We don’t see a safe way out.

Am I encouraging you yet?

Over the last 5 posts (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Today), I’m am dealing with 5 different aspects of feeling demolished - I hope they help you.

Feeling demolished hurts…

It doesn’t matter what the challenge may be, I see several ways we deal with these situations, or maybe you can call them stages, but here are some thoughts and lessons I’ve been learning.

Sometimes, you’re in a state of despair.

This list may, or may not, be in order, but this one is the most difficult. To me, despair is when you just don’t see an answer and you've exhausted all your resources. You are beyond discouraged or defeated - you are done. You pretty much just give up. You even get bitter with others, with the Lord and you come to the end of your rope. 

This pain, is unbearable, and it doesn’t matter what your trial is. No-one can compare trials and say theirs is harder, because, to you, this challenge has become destructive and has pulled you down. I learned this several years ago, while dealing with teens. As I looked at their trials and problems, I would think, in the back of my mind, that they were puny or trite, but then it hit me - their trials are their trials, not mine, and to them they are huge. 

You don’t want to let yourself get here - it may not be the worst of the “D’s” but it’s very hard to get past despair and it can take you deeper.

You are not the final answer, but you can get stuck on you. You have to focus on the Lord and others, or you won’t make it past the tough time you are in.

I’ve been there. It’s extremely hard.

We’ve all been there. You've felt the pain.

You only have one answer - seek the Lord for His grace, provision, encouragement, motivation, and His help. He is the only answer, and He will give you direction. 

When it comes down to it, it’s really nothing that you do, it’s all about what the Lord does, so go to him. Don’t let these five “D’s” get you down.

You have to trust that He knows your needs, and what’s best for you.

Lessons Learned: Focus on Christ and you will become determined and realize God has a purpose for all you go through.

Thoughts: Are you okay today? Are you in this “D” right now?


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