Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Feeling demolished #3…

This picture gives a great visual description of how people can feel, when they are going through hard times.

We see everything falling down around us.

We see failures at every corner.

We see everything collapsing down on top of us.

We don’t see a safe way out.

Am I encouraging you yet?

Over 5 posts (Sunday, Monday, Today, Friday and next Sunday), I’m going to deal with 5 different aspects of feeling demolished - I hope they help you.

Feeling demolished hurts…

It doesn’t matter what the challenge may be, I see several ways we deal with these situations, or maybe you can call them stages, but here are some thoughts and lessons I’ve been learning.

Sometimes, you’re in a state of defense.

You feel like you’re being attacked, so you defend your territory and you put walls up. This can turn others away and can create a posture of defense that pushes away encouragement that’s needed. You may or may not be the cause of the problem that you’re going through, but being defensive only focuses on you, and not on others. When you get selfish, you lose your real purpose.

Take whatever fault is yours, and run with it, to improve and mature. Don’t sit in the corner looking for attackers. You may not have all the fault, in fact you may have very little or none, but that doesn’t mean you sit and defend. Often defensive posturing looks like excuses. Excuses never help anyone. You have to turn around to the offense and build on what you learned.

You are not the final answer, but defensiveness usually puts you on an island that you can’t get off of, and you begin to spiral down.

Lessons Learned: Focus on Christ and you will become non-defensive and  be able to find the right offense.

Thoughts: Are you okay today? Are you in this “D” right now?


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  1. I find that when I'm on the defensive I have definitely taken my eyes off Christ. Just yesterday I had an important phone call to make. In my head I rehearsed how it would go and suddenly I found myself on the defensive to a make believe conversation!
    How crazy is that!

    I stopped those thoughts, prayed and then made the call. You know what, it didn't go anything like my mind designed. But what if I wouldn't have re-focused? Chances are I would have made the call with a bad attitude and it wouldn't have gone well at all.

  2. Excellent thoughts, TC! Thanks for sharing your story - it applies perfectly. Thankful we can trust the Lord always!


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