Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympics and impact…

When I’ve watched the Olympics over the last week or so, I’ve been amazed at the number of people involved in every aspect of what goes on.

It’s truly an amazing event to watch.

I talked a little bit yesterday about the Olympics.

I always look forward to watching and am disappointed when it’s over.

It made me think about impact…

Impact occurs with work.

You don’t just wake up one morning and you’re life impacts 100’s of people. You don’t all-of-a-sudden have people fallowing you around, like the pied piper, because you think you should. 

If you want to change people around you, you have to put in tremendous effort. It takes focus, and diligence, and time to change people around you. 

It will take a lifetime to change your child.

It will take years to transform a teen.

It will take months to get a blog off the ground.

It will take a lot of work to start your own business.

It will take amazing effort to have a strong marriage.

Impact occurs with people.

It happens with each person doing their role.

The person that makes sure the power is on at the Olympic stadium, is pretty important.

The person that ensures that the fuel to the flame is running, is kinda valuable.

The person that’s on the medical team, is really needed.

Each of us have a role individually to impact, but we all cause impact by working as a team.

It happens with people working together.

You may have your role and woke hard at it, but you need teammates to make a complete picture. There’s no possible way that one person puts on the entire Olympics, and there’s no way that one person is the final impact on another.

A teen is impacted by their parents, Pastor, teachers, coworkers, friends, family, Youth Pastor, others in the youth group, people they bump into, their bosses, etc.

Just like a teen, many people work together to impact others, and if we all do it right, we are impacting many people at once. No one person does it alone.

It happens to the people that are observing.

Even those you are not trying to impact are often impacted, just because they are observing you. You may not be intending to influence the people that may be watching, but you do, and you will never really know how many people that you impact. The observer will gain from what you do to help others and they may just take your lead and start to influence others too.

Impact occurs with love.

The athletes have support from many areas.

Coaches - they train, motivate, help, discipline.

Sponsors - they provide, give, support.

Friends - they motivate, cheer, encourage.

Family - they love your failures and successes, pray, hug.

Country - they make you part of their team, and family.

Lessons Learned: We have to impact others - plain and simple.

Thoughts: Who have you impacted today?


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