Saturday, August 4, 2012

Superfluous Saturday…

This was from a college friend's Facebook page, a while ago...

Sometimes I think that my Saturday posts are superfluous (unnecessary), so I often put something simple, silly or full of satire (like the alliteration there - could be a good sermon outline). 
So what about today?
Do you really need me to post something today? No
Does a Saturday go on without my posts? Yes
So why do I write something?
I write because there may be one person that needs…

A laugh - thus the silly posts.
A smile - thus the puny posts.
A distraction - thus the satire posts.
Sometimes there may be that one person that needs just a little bit of encouragement on a Saturday.
Here’s my encouragement today…
Take the day and do two simply nice things for someone else. They don’t have to be huge. They can just bring a smile to another, or they can encourage someone. 
You choose what to do, but don’t waste the day on just you.
Count others, then count you.
That’s it.
Lessons Learned: Everyday is important.
Thoughts: How did you choose to encourage?
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