Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dress shirts and God’s provision…

Sometimes, I only look at God’s provision one way.

I look at the check in the mail, the money given directly to someone, or the bags of groceries someone brings by.

I have to be reminded, once in awhile, that the Lord provides in many ways…

Here are some examples…

He provides safety, as I drive.

He provides air, as I breath.

He provides joy, as my youngest son sits in my lap.

He provides encouragement, when I get that email from a friend.

He provides help, when a coworker steps in and assists with a task.

He provides love, when I see how He protects my family.

He provides a hand, when I fall.

He provides peace, when I’m in the storm.

He also takes care of my dress shirts…

This one may seem strange, but I have several dress shirts, that I’ve had for 6+ years, and they look like new. I don’t dry clean them - I just use the old fashioned washing machine. If you looked at them, you would not have any idea that they were as old as they are. I get comments all the time about how crisp they look - I don’t even use starch. 

You can tell me, that they are quality shirts, and shirts like that should last for a good while, but I don’t believe that. I’ve had shirts unravel that cost a lot, and I’ve had cheap shirts last for a few years.

I see God’s hand of provision - it’s not a miracle - the Red Sea has not been parted, or a lame man got up and ran, but it’s truly God’s hand of provision.

We don’t need to look at just one or two areas, when we think of God’s provision - we need to see His hand everywhere!

Lessons Learned: Sometimes, we have to get low, so we are reminded that God has it all under control.

Thoughts: How have you seen God’s provision? Do you have an old shirt?


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