Friday, August 24, 2012

Feeling demolished #4…

This picture gives a great visual description of how people can feel, when they are going through hard times.

We see everything falling down around us.

We see failures at every corner.

We see everything collapsing down on top of us.

We don’t see a safe way out.

Am I encouraging you yet?

Over 5 posts (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Today and next Sunday), I’m going to deal with 5 different aspects of feeling demolished - I hope they help you.

Feeling demolished hurts…

It doesn’t matter what the challenge may be, I see several ways we deal with these situations, or maybe you can call them stages, but here are some thoughts and lessons I’ve been learning.

Sometimes, you’re in a state of desire.

Job lose, downsizing, being underpaid, or running out of funds is a time where this really occurs often. Your needs become prevalent, in your mind, and you see others that have a better standing than you do, so you start desiring what they have, and getting envious, or desirous of other people and things. 

This is a battle, because you begin to question why and usually that questioning results in blaming others, blaming God, and it only leads to more frustration. Stop focusing on the why and learn some lessons so you don’t focus on the desires so much, and you focus on the ability you have right now. You need to get beyond the wants and get to the point where you can use what you have to help others. Take the lessons and impact a life around you.

You are not the final answer, but you have to figure out how to be content with what you have and grow from there.

Lessons Learned: Focus on Christ and you will become content and realize just how much you have right now.

Thoughts: Are you okay today? Are you in this “D” right now?


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