Sunday, August 19, 2012

Feeling demolished #1…

This picture gives a great visual description of how people can feel, when they are going through hard times.

We see everything falling down around us.

We see failures at every corner.

We see everything collapsing down on top of us.

We don’t see a safe way out.

Am I encouraging you yet?

Over the next 5 posts (Today, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and next Sunday), I’m going to deal with 5 different aspects of feeling demolished - I hope they help you.

Feeling demolished hurts…

It doesn’t matter what the challenge may be, I see several ways we deal with these situations, or maybe you can call them stages, but here are some thoughts and lessons I’ve been learning.

Sometimes, you’re in a state of denial.

You just sit oblivious to the facts of your situation. You think that there will be a magical fairy with pixie dust, that will soon fly by and your world will be rebuilt. It doesn’t really work that way. At least, I haven’t seen a fairy flying by recently. This is a tough spot, because we can’t see the reality of where we are and yet we want to keep going the way we did, in the past, even though our trial dictates we change our actions.

When we lose a job, we have to reevaluate our financial situation and adapt.

When we get sick or injured, we have to rethink what we can do, physically.

When we lose a loved one, we have to rework how we deal with a lost friend or family member.

We can’t deny our situation, no matter what it is, or how tough it may be. We have to do our bets with the challenge of the heartache you are going through. Face the situation head on. Don’t pretend that it doesn't exist. Don’t sit back and do nothing. Do what you are able to do to help the issue or issues you are dealing with.

You are not the final answer, but you have responsibility to do all you can and not fake yourself out, that a problem doesn’t exist.

Seek the Lord and His wisdom as to how to deal with the reality of where you are right now...I mean, now...don’t wait in denial.

Lessons Learned: Focus on Christ and you will become undefined and be able to move on.

Thoughts: Are you okay today? Are you in this “D” right now?


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