Monday, August 20, 2012

Feeling demolished #2…

This picture gives a great visual description of how people can feel, when they are going through hard times.

We see everything falling down around us.

We see failures at every corner.

We see everything collapsing down on top of us.

We don’t see a safe way out.

Am I encouraging you yet?

Over 5 posts (Sunday, Today, Wednesday, Friday and next Sunday), I’m going to deal with 5 different aspects of feeling demolished - I hope they help you.

Feeling demolished hurts…

It doesn’t matter what the challenge may be, I see several ways we deal with these situations, or maybe you can call them stages, but here are some thoughts and lessons I’ve been learning.

Sometimes, you’re in a state of defeat.

There are times that a trial takes your breath away and you just can’t get out of the hole you are in - well, at least, you can’t see how to get out of the hole. You look at the giant in front of you, and then you see the tiny slingshot, in your hand, and you cry. Maybe not physically, but emotionally, you fall apart. You think that this giant is going to absolutely demolish you and you don’t see a way out. 

You may not share this hurt with anyone, but it happens, but you face a defeat that is absolutely overwhelming. You can’t just sit in defeat and wither to the giant trial or challenge that sits in your way. You have to pick up the stone and slingshot and give it a whirl, while trusting the Lord and His wisdom in where the stone lands.

You are not the final answer, but you can’t let defeat get the best of you. You have to see the hole as a time to learn, grow, and use it to help others.

Seek the Lord and His amazing victory, so you don’t wallow in defeat. An Olympic athlete can’t stay defeated, they have to move on to the next race or event.

Lessons Learned: Focus on Christ and you will become undefeated and be able to find the strength to move on.

Thoughts: Are you okay today? Are you in this “D” right now?


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  1. "you are not the answer"
    Great words.
    God is the answer. He is bigger than all circumstances and He loves to use defeat for HIS glory!

  2. So true - glad I don't ahve to rely on myself! Thansk for faithfully reading and commmenting...

  3. You're welcome Craig. Thanks for the great reading material.
    God bless.


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