Monday, August 6, 2012

$100 and generosity…

I can’t believe it!
Someone walked up to me and just handed me $100!
Really, it’s true.
They just handed me five $20 bills, and said they hoped it helped.
They’re not rich, and they don’t walk around with money falling out of their pockets, but they gave to my family, because they felt lead to help.
They made a choice…

They chose to sacrifice.
These folks didn’t know anything specific about any needs in my life, but they sacrificed to help me. They helped! They gave! They don’t have an abundance of income, or wealth beyond belief. This giving was a very generous sacrifice...a sacrifice. They didn’t give out of a bunch, but out of a little. They gave $100 to someone that had a need, because they were willing to sacrifice.
They chose to not sit still.
Many people know that this year has been a little tougher than the norm (not pity party, just a statement - God has been amazingly good to me and my family, but there have been some real challenges). Many have said kind words. Many have prayed. Many have tried to give me some wisdom from their lives. But only a select few have actually put feet to their words and prayers (this is not a complaint, or a begging). God doesn’t lead everyone to give, but when He did, with this family, they gave. They didn’t just sit still. It’s truly amazing how God’s timing is perfect in leading others to bless.
They chose to doubly reciprocate.
A few years back, this family went through some of the same job struggles and a downsizing, like I did this year. I had already been through two, at that point, so I talked to them, tried to encourage them, so I could be used to be a blessing. I was lead to give back then, and felt that the Lord would have me give $50, so I did. I didn’t do it for thanks, or glory, but I knew that every little bit helps. 
They remembered and decided to give back in double fashion. They doubly blessed me in return. They didn’t have to give at all, but not only did they not sit still, they gave sacrificially and doubly to help me and my family.
Lessons Learned: When God leads you to give, do it - you never know what His future plan might be.
Thoughts: Have you missed an opportunity to give? Have I?

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  1. Two years ago at Christmas time I was at a Dollar General for wrapping paper when I discovered a sealed greeting card in my basket. I said merry Christmas on the front in handwriting. I picked it up and looked around puzzled thinking someone had dropped it in my cart by accident. A nice woman looked at me with all sincerity and said "it is for you. Merry Christmas". She handed out at least 20 of these, each containing a crisp $100 bill. The card read "Jesus is the reason for the season" and nothing more. There is no way she could have known we were down to the penny in the bank before payday or that my kid also needed lunch money that week. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life.

  2. Awesome post!!! I wish I could relate how this pertains to me without sounding like I'm singing my own praises. LOL There have been a few times where I knew I had to do something for someone and then did it. I think I've also missed opportunities as well. I hope I don't miss anymore. Thanks again, Craig! :)

  3. Bryan - thanks for the kind words and for reading.


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